What happens if i miss a payment on my progressive car insurance policy in bethlehem?

Your car insurance policy won't be immediately canceled because you don't make a payment. Auto insurance companies are required by state law to give notice before canceling their policy. Depending on the state, you'll normally have 10 to 20 days. Your company will notify you by mail or email before canceling your coverage.

To find the best insurance companies for high-risk drivers, CNBC Select analyzed dozens of insurers that offer coverage to high-risk drivers. Progressive's car insurance coverage options and discounts are in line with what its competitors offer. If your car insurance has expired because you didn't meet the grace period, you may be able to reinstate your policy. Keep in mind that premiums and policy structures advertised for auto insurance companies are subject to fluctuation in accordance with company policies.

Progressive has a specific online section with articles that cover resources on auto insurance and tips on how to file a claim, insure a new car, lower your rate, and more. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. Finally, most major insurers allow you to pay your premium in full in advance or sign up for automatic payment to avoid missing the due dates of your car insurance payments. Auto insurance grace periods can be up to 30 days, but the exact time you have to make a payment before your coverage is canceled depends on your insurance company and the state.

Auto insurance companies often offer a grace period for late car insurance payments, so a payment that's late by a few days shouldn't be a problem. If you don't already have an insurance policy for another car, you'll need to get a policy before you can take your new car out of the dealership parking lot. In addition, the Progressive mobile application (available on the App Store and Google Play) allows users to view their policy and insurance card information, make bill payments, file a claim or view updates on the status of the claim and request roadside assistance. Call your old insurance company and find out if your coverage has expired and, if so, how long you have been without car insurance coverage.

Most insurance companies have a grace period for late payments, usually about 10 days, but not all insurers or state laws allow this. Progressive offers a number of lines of insurance that can be grouped together and practical tools to help you keep your coverage within your budget.

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