What documents are required to cancel a policy from geico for car insurance in bethlehem?

Fortunately, Geico doesn't have a complicated cancellation policy. The bottom line is that you'll need to call 800-841-1587 and speak directly to a representative, who will take your policy number and desired cancellation date to record the termination of the policy. You can cancel coverage immediately or at a future date. You'll be responsible for your car's premiums until the cancellation date, but not after.

If you paid premiums in advance after the cancellation date, you should receive a partial refund. No matter how hard you try, some relationships just don't work, including relationships with your car insurance company. Many insurers accept cancellations through several channels, but Geico will only cancel your policy over the phone. When the interactive voice response system prompts you, say “cancel the insurance policy” and then “automatic” if you are going to cancel your car insurance policy.

The other insurer may offer you a cheaper rate on car coverage, but your homeowner's insurance outside the package is much higher. Your insurance company may require a bill of sale before allowing you to cancel to show that you won't drive without insurance. No, Geico doesn't charge a cancellation fee to customers who cancel their auto insurance coverage midway through the policy. To cancel a Geico insurance policy, the policyholder must call Geico to speak directly with a customer service agent.

Certain states allow insurers like Geico to charge you a reduced rate if you cancel in the middle of the term of your policy. There are generally two types of fees that auto insurance companies charge for cancellation, fixed rates and short-term rates. Some auto insurance companies also charge a fee for canceling your policy before the policy term ends. In addition, if you cancel your Geico policy because you disposed of your car, you may have to submit proof, such as a sales invoice, so that Geico knows that you won't.

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