Is geico safe driver discount worth it?

Geico DriveEasy uses an application to track your driving behavior. Good driving habits receive a discount of up to 10%. Yes, Geico can increase your car insurance rates if you have risky driving habits, such as speeding when cornering. Repeated and risky driving behaviors could increase your Geico car insurance rate by participating in DriveEasy in some states.

In addition to the DriveEasy program, Geico offers several ways to save money on your car insurance. The potential savings with Geico DriveEasy aren't very large compared to the usage-based discount offered by other major insurance companies. Geico policyholders in eligible states can get started with the DriveEasy usage-based program by downloading the Geico Mobile app to their smartphone. Geico introduced a new usage-based car insurance program to reward safe drivers with enormous savings by providing valuable information about individual driving patterns.

GEICO is just one of many insurance companies that offer discount programs based on telematic applications. Using Geico DriveEasy could be worthwhile if you're driving safely, as it could save you money on your car insurance policy. While drivers in all states can purchase car insurance from Geico, their DriveEasy program is only available in 31 states and Washington, D. Like other usage-based programs, Geico DriveEasy helps determine your car insurance rate by collecting and analyzing data on safety and how often you drive.

Geico DriveEasy is a usage-based insurance program that provides personalized ratings based on your driving habits. Some other insurance companies, such as State Farm, offer driver tracking programs that use a standalone device that connects to the car. Enrolling in Geico DriveEasy is one way to get a discount on coverage, but you should also compare car insurance from more than one company.

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