Is erie a big insurance company?

Erie is a multi-line insurance company that has grown to become a network of more than 5000 employees and 13,000 independent agents who serve more than 5 million insurance policies. Erie offers a life insurance calculator on its website to help customers decide what type of policy best fits their needs. Erie has more complaints than expected to state regulators from an insurance company of its size. Overall, Erie offers a strong portfolio of auto, home and life insurance products, but the provider only issues policies in a few states.

Actual rates may vary depending on car insurance qualifying factors, but the premium data below can be a useful comparison tool. Erie sells life insurance in the District of Columbia and in all of the states mentioned above, except New York. If you have a car that's up to 24 months old and it's discounted, Erie will replace it with a new car from the current model year, minus the deductible. Erie offers a wide variety of types of coverage to choose from, including new car replacement coverage, rideshare insurance, and more.

With more than 13,000 independent agents and more than 2,200 agencies, ERIE independent agents are in your community to meet your insurance needs. Erie's coverage options and customer satisfaction scores make Erie one of the best auto insurance companies in the states where it issues policies. FORTUNE and FORTUNE Media IP Limited are not affiliated with ERIE Insurance or promote their products or services. Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of car insurance in Erie can help you decide if the company might be a good fit for your needs.

Erie offers a variety of auto, home and life insurance products, but does not issue policies in every state. Erie also sells insurance for boats, class cars and motorcycles, along with coverage for off-road vehicles, golf carts and snowmobiles. When looking for car insurance coverage, it's important to understand what car insurance coverage you want and what you should buy. If you have a conviction for drunk driving, you can contact your insurance agent to find out how it might affect your car insurance premium.

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