How can i get help understanding my policy documents and coverage limits?

See the insurance contracts section for a statement of the coverage provided and note that each type of coverage will have its own agreement. While the statements page provides a useful summary, you'll probably want to know what your policy covers in more detail. If you purchase an auto policy with liability, all-risk, collision and other types of coverage, there will be a separate insurance agreement for each coverage. If you have questions about your coverage or policy, one of the best places to look for answers is your insurance policy documents.

Understanding your policy documents will allow you to make comprehensive and cost-effective decisions regarding your auto insurance coverage. In addition, if you lease your car or still owe your lender money for the purchase of your car, GAP insurance typically won't provide coverage. While the exact auto insurance policy documents you have will vary depending on the specific characteristics of your policy and coverage, a few common components make up most of the car insurance policy documents in the United States. When it comes to your car insurance coverage, your car insurance statements page is one of the most important documents you have.

These numbers refer to the amount of coverage in thousands that the insurance company will pay as part of your insurance policy. As with collision insurance coverage, comprehensive insurance coverage does not include any medical or health costs, and will not cover collision damage. Collision insurance coverage can also cover costs if your vehicle is damaged due to a single-car accident in which the car rolls over or rolls over. PD liability insurance coverage exists to protect you from the financial and legal burden of damaging someone else's property in a car accident.

Personal injury protection (PIP) coverage can help you cover health care expenses, such as the health insurance deductible (if applicable) and other costs not covered by health insurance. If your vehicle is destroyed or stolen without recovering it, you can expect your insurance company to pay you the fair market price for your car when you have GAP coverage. A discount page is not the same as an insurance identification card, but in some cases it can serve as evidence of active insurance coverage. Collision insurance also does not offer any medical or health coverage, nor does it cover the costs that arise if someone else's car is damaged.

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