Does liberty mutual car insurance offer new car replacement coverage in bethlehem?

A better car replacement is an option you can add to your Liberty Mutual policy for an additional premium. And while it seems like a pretty good deal, it has strict limitations. Glenn Greenberg, a spokesperson for Liberty Mutual, suggests talking to an agent or getting quotes online to determine how much the option would increase your premiums. So what is best to replace a car and how does it compare to replacing a new car? Read on to find out.

Several companies offer it, but with slight variations, yet another reason to compare car insurance companies. Insurance Information Institute spokesman Michael Barry says that some insurers may have a complaints division that can help reach a settlement. But if you do, here are the steps you should follow during your car insurance appraisal to make sure you get the best deal. Liberty Mutual, like many other insurance companies, also offers the replacement of new cars, a standard feature in all the policies it issues, in the states where it is available.

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