Does erie sell car insurance?

Erie offers a wide range of coverages and benefits to its customers. Additional days of coverage are available after settlement. Add it to collision coverage and choose from six classes of rental vehicle options, 4Read more about car rental expense coverage. Erie's quotes and shopping experiences are the best compared to other large auto insurance companies.

Erie offers standard insurance policies for homeowners, as well as insurance plans for renters, condominiums and mobile homes. Most auto insurers offer rental car coverage at an additional cost, so you have a way to get around if your car is in the shop for covered damage. However, Erie isn't one of the cheapest auto insurance companies overall, and young drivers specifically can find cheaper rates elsewhere. Erie car insurance for drivers with a speeding ticket: Avoid speeding if you want to save money on car insurance.

The five most expensive states for car insurance are Michigan, Florida, Rhode Island, Kentucky and Louisiana. Erie has more complaints than expected to state regulators from an insurance company of its size. It ranks in the second cheapest quartile among major auto insurance companies in terms of price, according to WalletHub research. We also found that people with Erie insurance policies were satisfied with the insurer's customer service during the claim process, which gave the company a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.0.

Erie also has limited availability in the state, offering car insurance policies in 12 states and Washington, D. Erie includes free basic coverage in its comprehensive coverage, but you can afford improved rental options, such as a luxury car or van instead of a sedan. A renters insurance policy in Erie protects your property inside your rental home and anywhere in the world you go. When life turns you upside down, comprehensive car insurance covers damage to your vehicle that isn't caused by a collision, such as a fire, theft, or when you hit a deer.

Overall, Erie offers a wide variety of affordable home insurance options that can provide you with personalized protection that fits your needs. If your car is at least 24 months old and discounted, this coverage will cover the cost of a car of the same make and model two years newer, minus the deductible.

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