Can i get a discount on my policy with geico car insurance if i have taken an approved driver improvement refresher course offered by an accredited institution or organization approved by the pennsylvania department of education or new jersey department of

GEICO strongly recommends that you take defensive driving courses, and in turn, you could qualify for a discount that allows you to enjoy a cheaper car insurance policy. CURE's lack of presence among the best insurance evaluators and evaluators means that car owners find it difficult to assess their credibility and strength as a company, which is why it earns 1.5 stars out of 5.0 for its position in the industry. While it offers additional car rental coverage and roadside assistance coverage, CURE doesn't offer nearly the same amount of additional special coverages offered by other insurance providers. Your lower premiums may be due to your youth as an insurance company, but CURE doesn't offer many opportunities for discounts, not compared to other limited liability companies, such as AutoOwners Insurance or Erie Insurance.

Erie insurance, for example, is only available in 12 states, but it offers rideshare coverage, decreasing deductibles and protection for new cars. Most major auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who take a defensive driving course, except Progressive. The company offers standard coverage options in addition to unique coverages, such as classic and sports car insurance. CURE Auto Insurance is an auto insurance company that operates in the states of Michigan, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

An auto insurance policy with minimum coverage has only the lowest amounts of state-mandated liability coverage and any other type of auto insurance required by the state. Unlike most insurance companies, CURE doesn't focus on the occupancy, education, and credit score of the car owner when deciding whether or not to accept the car as a new policyholder. Given the company's half-hearted approach to car owners with more difficult driving histories, CURE is unlikely to offer SR-22 insurance. If you're looking for car insurance and have a low credit score or other factors that make it difficult to get reasonable insurance rates, CURE Auto Insurance might be right for you.

To help you in your search for car insurance, we've spent 1,950 hours reviewing 43 different car insurance companies and surveying more than 8,500 customers. While it's not uncommon for auto insurance companies to be reserved only for certain states, CURE is still very inaccessible to many car owners, who could otherwise benefit from its more open acceptances and cheaper car insurance rates. CURE car insurance offers the most standard coverage options when it comes to car insurance, with few additional options. You can get a discount for driving defensively on car insurance if you complete an approved driver education course.

While CURE reportedly offers cheaper coverage, if you're driving in Michigan and insurance companies would consider a high-risk driver, it might be best to avoid CURE car insurance.

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