Can i add additional drivers to my policy at any time with my progressive car insurance policy in bethlehem?

When you add someone to your car insurance, you can call your car insurance company or log in to your online account to add a new driver to your policy. Your insurance company will generally need the name, date of birth, driving history, license information, and vehicle identification number (VIN) if you also plan to share a policy that covers both vehicles. Many insurers, including Progressive, allow you to add a friend to an auto insurance policy as a driver if you share a permanent residence. Most insurers will also allow you to share a joint car insurance policy with a friend by adding both sets of cars to the policy.

If your friend doesn't live with you, it usually can't be added to your policy. If you allow someone else to lend you your car, your insurance policy will continue to cover it. Insurers call this permissive use. This is true even when the driver has their own insurance.

However, both your insurance policy and your driver's insurance may apply in the event of an accident. The type of insurance you pay and the amount will vary depending on the language of both policies and the details of the accident. You should add any regular driver of your car to your insurance policy to cover damage caused by accidents. We can also provide you with an instant online car insurance quote to meet your needs quickly and accurately.

Most insurers allow you to add a partner, such as a boyfriend, girlfriend, fiancé, or domestic partner, to your car insurance policy if you live together. Some states and insurance companies require that all members of the household who are of driving age, including friends, be listed on your car insurance policy as drivers. In most cases, you can add an unmarried couple to your car insurance policy if you both share a permanent residence. If you and your friend don't currently share an address, they won't be able to appear on your car insurance policy even if you plan to move at a later date.

Most insurers will also allow you to share a single car insurance policy with someone if you live with that person. This information is not an insurance policy, does not refer to any specific insurance policy, and does not modify any provision, limitation or exclusion that is expressly stated in any insurance policy. You can generally add someone else's car to your policy if you also share the same car insurance policy, which normally also requires living together. We compare auto insurance offers and help you get affordable car insurance rates without sacrificing coverage or value.

Adding a driver to your insurance policy means that they are an insured driver under your policy when driving your car. Sharing an auto insurance policy, on the other hand, typically means that both vehicles are covered by a single policy.

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