Can a 16 year old get their own car insurance in pa?

You must purchase car insurance to drive legally in Pennsylvania. If you drive a car that is owned by your parents, you can keep your coverage until the end. If you drive a car that is owned by your parents, you can maintain coverage through your car insurance policy as long as your home remains your primary residence. If you have your own vehicle and live with your parents, or are out of school, check with your parent's insurance company to see if your vehicle may be covered by their policy or if you need to buy your own.

Unless there is a state law that imposes a minimum age, there is usually no minimum age for obtaining auto insurance coverage. However, if you're considered a minor in your state, you'll need a parent or guardian to sign or co-sign the car insurance policy. Nothing causes auto insurance rates to skyrocket like accidents, traffic and speeding tickets don't help either, but they don't even come close. However, in addition to helping you protect your insurance rate, taking out your own insurance for your son or daughter sets him or her up for success.

In most cases, you must be the age of majority defined by your state to purchase an auto insurance policy. Generally, if a teen owns their own car, they'll need their own insurance plan, although some companies allow the teen's car to be added to the parents' policy, as long as they live at the same address. Establishing their own insurance plan ahead of time protects them from this possibility, as they probably won't have to look for new insurance in the future. The fact that a minor can void a contract makes car dealers and insurance companies wary of doing business with someone who has not reached the age of majority.

Once a minor has been emancipated, they can legally enter into a contract, so the question of the age at which they can take out car insurance is no longer an issue. On the bright side, if they turn out to be safe new drivers, they'll already be laying the foundation for saving money on auto insurance for life. If a young driver has a poor track record when looking for their own insurance (for example, independent of their family's insurance plan), you'll find that many companies don't offer any plans and those that do can be expensive. The age restrictions for buying car insurance depend on the insurance laws of each state, but they depend on the insurance company's policy on the signing of a contract by a minor.

Get ready for a significant increase in rates: Adding a teen driver dramatically increases car insurance rates. In most states and situations, minors can't get their own car insurance policies without a parent or guardian.

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