Are there any special deals for multi-car households on car insurance in erie?

ERIE offers discounts for multiple policies that vary depending on the state in which your car and home are insured. 1.Did you know that combining your home and auto policies with one company can save you money? At Erie Insurance, you can combine several policies with us, such as your car or motorcycle coverage with your home, condo, or renters insurance. 1.Erie doesn't advertise marriage discounts, although married drivers pay less for car insurance in Erie than single drivers, on average. For example, a 45-year-old married driver with a good track record on the road pays an average of 8% less for Erie coverage than the same driver without a husband or wife.

Married people also tend to qualify for more Erie discounts, such as discounts for multiple vehicles and multiple policies. Take a look at the position of your insurance company and also at the ranking of the biggest names in insurance. Couples with more than one vehicle can receive a multi-car discount and get even cheaper car insurance rates. Nor is it definitive that you can opt for a cheaper car insurance rate just because you get married.

It's possible to get special discounts from your insurance company if you have one or more vehicles on a single car insurance policy. FORTUNE and FORTUNE Media IP Limited are not affiliated with ERIE Insurance or promote their products or services. That means they're involved in fewer car accidents and file fewer claims than single drivers, making it cheaper to insure them. He spent several years as a CSR for Farmers Insurance, where he gained a strong understanding of insurance products, including home, life, auto and commercial, and worked directly with insurance customers to understand their needs.

They include the discount for young drivers, for single drivers under 21 who live with their parents; the longevity discount for young drivers (3), for young single drivers who can get credit for consecutive years that have been insured under another ERIE auto policy (normally a policy from their parents or guardians); and the driver training discount, for young drivers under 21 who have completed an accredited driver training course (not available at Kentucky and North Carolina). Once you and your spouse have established your own addresses, your spouse can get their own car insurance coverage and you can remove it from your car insurance policy. By adding your spouse to your car insurance policy in advance, you'll also avoid any suspicion of misrepresentation or fraud, which would give your car insurance provider reason to deny a claim or cancel your policy entirely. For example, if you share car insurance with your spouse and have multiple cars, you can save money with a multi-car discount.

But regardless of the details, if you're looking for a cheaper car insurance rate as a married couple, it's best to compare prices. Very few situations save you more money on car insurance than comparing live quotes from different car insurance companies. Independent ERIE agents can represent several insurance companies, so they can help you find the right insurance coverage for your needs and possibly even save you money.

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