Are there any restrictions on how many miles can be driven with auto policies purchased from progressive in allentown, pennsylvania?

Many insurance companies will ask you how many miles you drive and will factor them into your car insurance rate. The more miles you drive, the higher your fare could be. At Progressive, in most states, we ask you how many miles you drive to work. You can generally stay on your parents' car insurance policy as a registered driver if you live at home or if you're a full-time college student.

That means you're still covered when you drive your parents' vehicles. And unlike health insurance, there's no age limit that prevents you from staying on your parents' car insurance. However, if you're moving permanently, you'll usually need your own car insurance policy. You may have to change car insurance companies when you move to another state if your current provider doesn't sell insurance in the state you're moving to.

If you stay in the same state, you won't have to change insurance companies. If you're moving to another state, check with your car insurance provider to make sure they offer coverage in your new state. Check if your current company offers car insurance in your new state of residence. If they don't, ask your friends which insurance company they recommend for your new area.

It's best to let your insurance company know when you're planning to move. Once you know the date of your move and your new address, notify your insurer immediately. If you suddenly need to move, it's okay to let us know as soon as possible so that you have the right coverage. If you stay in the same state, you don't need to get a new policy.

Notify your auto insurer of your new address. If you have a Progressive policy, you can update your address online or by phone. An auto insurance policy originates in the state where you reside. Purchasing two car insurance policies for the same vehicle may result in the company canceling one of them.

However, you can have two policies to insure two separate vehicles parked in different states. Even if you intend for your move to be temporary, you should notify your insurance company. Depending on the laws in your state, you may be able to keep the coverage you had in your previous policy. Get to know our culture and our people Chat now to ask Flo anything or explore the most frequently asked questions.

Learn more about the coverage requirements and discounts available through Progressive, and find easy ways to get a Pennsylvania car insurance quote through us. Auto insurers may not offer a direct discount for driving fewer miles, but some may offer usage-based insurance programs that could lower the rate as a reward for driving safely and less in general.

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