Are there any additional fees associated with canceling my policy with progressive car insurance in scranton?

If the insurance company cancels your policy, you'll normally get a refund from car insurance, unless they cancel the policy for non-payment. If payment doesn't occur, you won't receive any refund and you'll continue to owe the insurer any unpaid premiums. Your car insurance prices depend on a variety of factors, and the progressive rates you receive may not reflect the following estimates. If you have bad credit, you'll pay more for car insurance unless you live in California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, or Michigan.

There's no need to cancel your car insurance after selling a car if you're driving a different vehicle. If you change your car insurance company and find better rates with another insurance company, you may want to cancel your current policy before it expires. One very important note to remember: don't cancel your Progressive insurance until your new insurance is paid and in effect. It's usually easiest to change your car insurance company at the time your policy is renewed, but if you choose to switch in the middle of the policy, your current insurer will normally reimburse you for unused premiums, less cancellation fees.

If you cancel your policy after just three months, your insurer will issue an insurance refund for the remaining nine months. If you use an insurance broker for your car policy with Progressive, then you won't have to worry about how to cancel your Progressive auto policy. If you sell your car and buy a new one, you'll still need coverage because most states require drivers to have car insurance. Buying a Progressive life insurance policy allows you to provide a safety net for your loved ones in the event that you die.

If you sell your car and no longer need coverage, your insurance company can send you a refund check if your policy is canceled before its term ends. Car insurance rates from Progressive or any other provider are influenced by several factors, some of which are within your control. Insurers generally charge lower premiums to homeowners, and you can also get a discount for multiple policies if you insure your home and car with the same company.

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